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Have you ever wondered if your weekly shopping could reveal insights into your health? We’re exploring this fascinating connection in our latest public engagement film, and we’re eager to hear your thoughts.

In collaboration with We The Curious Science Centre in Bristol and the University of Bristol, N/LAB is trying to gauge public opinions on using shopping data for health research.

Take a moment to share your thoughts by participating in We The Curious’s Shopping Trolley Secrets survey. Your opinions are crucial in shaping the future of this emerging field. Find out more at We The Curious.

Curious to learn more? Join our in-person event hosted by We The Curious on Saturday and Sunday, 12-13th October, 2024. This is your chance to interact directly, ask questions about our research, and share your views.

In the film presented by Lizzie Dolan from N/LAB, we shed light on how your shopping habits may offer insights into predicting serious conditions like ovarian cancer and respiratory disease. Lizzie’s collaborative work with the University of Bristol, NHS, Ovacome, and CLOCS forms the backbone of this exploration. To dig deeper into this work and find links to our published research papers on the topic, check out Lizzie’s project page.